What is Challenge & Champions?

We believe that you can't be a leader if you aren't a learner. Challenge & Champions is a summer opportunity of stimulating experiences for rising 6th-8th grade students on the Emory University campus. C&C runs over a three-week period and supports learning and leadership through a combination of academics, athletics, and the arts. Our vision is that all middle-grades youth can work toward increased: love of learning, academic and athletic skills, self-confidence, health and well being, sense of belonging in a learning environment, cultural competency in a global society, and comfort with taking on leadership.

C&C is carefully designed with best practices and research findings and develops a community with deep and lasting ties. It challenges and supports all students who attend. Students take away many skills for the upcoming school year and make new friends for a lifetime. C&C helps students envision their future and gives them experiences and ways to work toward those goals.

The dates for this summer are
Student/Parent Orientation: Sunday, June 15
Program Dates: Monday June 16-Thursday July 3

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Success Tips From a Middle-School Principal

During elementary school, most parents are very involved in their child’s schooling. They know and meet with teachers and administrators, are aware of their child’s progress and behavior, help solve problems, and see to it that kids spend enough time on homework. Unfortunately, when children enter middle school, some parents stop being as actively involved, as if their help and support are no longer
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Helpful Links for Students

Here are some great links for tools and tips you can practice over the summer and into the new school year: Learn how to improve your study habits Mind Tools has some really great ideas on how to memorize Top 10 study tips Reading Tips for 9th graders Tips on Healthy Eating in the School Cafeteria from Teen Advice Be sure to check the
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Middle School Checklist

Here’s a middle school checklist to get started from Education Planner. Attend school regularly and take it seriously. Work hard and do your best in ALL of your subjects, not just your favorite ones. Take a Learning Styles Quiz to find out more about how you learn. Do your homework. Homework is practice, and this is how you get better in school. Learn and
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